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Solar & Batteries

Reduce your buildings carbon footprint

Bringing you affordable sustainability

Get greener power for your building and reduce its carbon footprint.

Bright Connect is pleased to offer sustainable energy through leading solar and battery technology. This significantly cheaper electricity has zero upfront costs to Developers or Council of Owners, as well as minimal ongoing costs, making it more accessible than ever.

Let the sun do its thing

Solar power —
a bright alternative.

After installing an innovative solar system on your building’s roof (either a new development or existing building), we harness the power of the sun to maximise energy output at the lowest cost, delivering affordable solar. Bright Connect maintains the system, so there’s no ongoing costs to Council of Owners.

The solar system will either have battery storage already incorporated, or will be battery-ready. Storage is added to internal electricity systems as soon as it’s beneficial to do so. You won’t need to worry about this — we closely monitor your building’s energy usage and will let you know when the time is right.

Tick the box

Make your building more attractive with solar.

Sustainable power is becoming increasingly important to tenants and buyers, with potential residents actively looking for green living environments. With Bright Connect, you’re able to give residents access to renewable energy technologies that have never been available to apartment complexes — until now. Additionally, our solar systems mean we can keep energy costs to the building low, providing discounts to building occupants.

Tailored to your building

One size does not fit all.

Systems can be designed and installed during construction, or be retrofit on already-established buildings. Either way, our solar solutions are carefully, strategically designed with the individual needs of your building in mind.

There are also multiple community ownership models available, so you can choose what’s best for your building and residents. Whatever your Bright Connect system looks like, occupants enjoy cheaper, greener energy. To explore solar and batteries for your building, contact us.