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Centralised Hot Water

Utility management made simple

Water on tap

Centralised Hot Water provides tenants with affordable water through a single onsite hot-water system shared by the whole apartment block, rather than a hot water system for each individual apartment . Centralised Hot Water is a good space saver when it comes to your building’s infrastructure, as well as being more efficient and economical.

How it works

Efficient & economical hot water.

Our metering network can be integrated with a building’s hot and cold water sub-meters. We can charge tenants based on their apartment’s actual usage for both hot and cold water. This provides a more equitable solution than billing based on apartment size rather than actual water usage. Tenants also benefit from seamless utility billing — electricity, hot water, and cold water can all be charged to building occupants with a single bill.

See what we can do

Talk to us about Centralised Hot Water Management for your building.

Chat to us during building development to see how Centralised Hot Water can work with your infrastructure.

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