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Who is Bright Connect?

Bright Connect Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in the supply of electricity, broadband and other services to multi-lot buildings such as apartment complexes and mixed-use developments.

Why is Bright Connect electricity cheaper?

We are able to offer cheaper electricity because we own and operate a solar power system located on the building’s roof. Any additional electricity needed to meet the buildings demand is bulk purchased from the grid via the wholesale electricity market on behalf of everyone in the building. This combination means that we can provide you with cheaper community sourced electricity.

Where does Bright Connect’s electricity come from?

We source electricity from a rooftop solar power system which we own and operate. Any additional electricity needed is sourced from the grid via the wholesale electricity market.

Is Bright Connect’s electricity supply reliable?

When the building needs more electricity than what the solar system is producing, the building gets its electricity from the grid. For example in WA, Western Power remains responsible for physically providing the electricity to the building via the grid. You therefore have the same reliability of electricity as the rest of Perth.

How much does Bright Connect electricity cost?

There are two components that make up an electricity tariff;

  • daily supply charge
  • consumption charge

Your BrightConnect tarrif can be found once you have logged into your account.

When will I get my bills?

You will receive your bill via email once a month.

What payment methods does Bright Connect offer?

  • Direct debit
  • Credit card (a surcharge equivalent to Bright Connect’s costs will apply)
  • BPay

I have an electric vehicle. How can I charge it?

Bright Connect (in conjunction with your strata manager) may be able to arrange to install a meter at your car bay, at your cost. This is subject to any physical constraints. Bright Connect will then add the electricity used by the EV charger to your monthly electricity bill. Please get in touch if you need any assistance.

Bright Connect can also arrange the supply and installation of Electric Vehicle chargers.

What is Direct Debit?

Direct Debit is where you give us authority to debit your bill amount from your account or card automatically each month.

Benefits of Direct Debit:

  • avoid late fees – set and forget knowing your bills will be paid on time.
  • save time
  • guarantee you’ll receive any discounts applied for paying on time
  • no surprises – we’ll send you your bill 2 weeks before we debit your account so you can contact us beforehand if you have any questions.